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Meet the Feathers & Fur Family


Jenna started training various types of animals in her teens, and what started as a hobby became a profession in her early twenties. At 20 years old, while working toward a BA in psychology at the University of Guelph, Canada, she was introduced to a human-aggressive dog. With what little knowledge she had at that time she re-trained him and, upon learning that no one in that area would work with human aggression, she became a “professional” dog trainer. (Which is to say: she got paid!) [Read more]


Margo is my fabulous assistant who keeps my business running smoothly! She answers emails, books appointments, and fixes things when I mess them up! In general, she keeps me organized. Almost an impossible job; whatever I’m paying her isn’t enough! If you email you’re more likely to talk to Margo than myself, though she flags me whenever there’s something I need to look at (if someone has a question or there’s a long email that needs more than an appointment). She also checks in on my boarders to give love and TLC when I’m gone more than four hours. [Read more]



Patience contacted me for help with her mother’s dog, a fear aggressive Rottweiler that was out of control. After our initial session she told me she’d love to train dogs. As I usually do, I offered to let her shadow me for a little while. Unlike most people, after a couple of weeks of shadowing, she was hooked! Patience spent over a year training with me and reading everything dog-related she could get her hands on, and has now opened up her own dog training business in the East Bay. I’ve also handed her the vast majority of my board and train clients, and she’s working wonders! She reminds me of myself when I started out… only a much better dog trainer! [Read more]


I adopted Doc with only 24 hours left to live, and it was the best decision I ever made. Initially diagnosed with leash aggression and a willingness to redirect on a person (the reason he was going to be put down), he now has his Canine Good Citizenship, is friendly both on and off leash, and retreats when attacked by other dogs. He’s also a registered service dog, and Cash and Lily’s new best buddy. His biggest problem is separation anxiety, which is slowly improving. These things take time, but we have all the time in the world! [Read more]


Cash is the Daddy Dog of our working group. With all his fur and his lifetime of training, he’s my go-to when working with extreme aggression cases, knowing without being told when to draw closer or when to scamper away. When I board dogs, he’s my right hand man, letting me know if they’re getting into trouble and helping to referee when play gets too rough! Every dog ends up treating him like their papa: they want to cuddle, and know that when he says enough is enough, he’s gentle but persistent and they need to back off! [Read more]


Lily, once my main working dog, is now semi-retired. When she does come out to work it’s often to help fearful dogs with her calming presence, show frightened dogs that strange dogs are friendly, and help owners learn what a balanced dog looks like! As of this writing Lily is thirteen, and still going strong. She might need some arthritis medication, and be slightly hard of hearing, but she still helps the puppies I board and gives a cold shoulder to the visiting aggressive dogs!  [Read more]


Tango came into Jenna’s life in 2013, bringing the feathers back into “Feathers and Fur.” He’s a great help desensitizing the dogs who board to funny noises and beeps, and he teaches them to behave around birds by giving his “naughty dog” cry whenever they get too interested!

But mostly, he provides endless entertainment for Jenna and her clients via Lily and Cash’s Facebook page, and cuddles with Jenna after a long day. He is a Timneh African Grey parrot with an already extensive vocabulary, especially when it comes to asking for kisses or whistling either country music or Beethoven. Greys live to be somewhere between fifty and a hundred years old, so he’s learning excellent social manners in case he outlives Jenna. Occasionally, he joins her training dogs. Sometimes it’s more fun to ride in the car than to stay at home! If you ask, you might just get to visit with him.