Dog trainers are expensive, and help shouldn’t just be for those with spare income. If you need help, but you can’t afford these prices, I am more than happy to arrange dog training for partial or full trade. Please contact me for details.

In-home dog behavior and training sessions

In the first, two-hour session we’ll cover dog body language (so you can understand what your dog is communicating), dog behavior (so you can predict your dog), your family and dogs’ history, what’s going on, assess the problem and solution, put the solution into place, start practicing, and make a plan going forward. Following sessions are as-needed. These are for owners who want to understand their dog, who want mannerly dogs, who want to be able to teach their dog new skills easily and quickly, who want well balanced and confident dogs, who want dogs that think rather than just understand a few commands, for owners who are having a household problem with their dog, such as barking, peeing inside, growling, anxiety, dog or human aggressiveness, separation anxiety, and more. These sessions are highly in-depth and are able to address behavior that doesn’t occur in a group setting.

In Home Training Session

1st Session (2 hours)$275.00
Following sessions (as needed)$160/hr

Working Dogs

For owners who don't have time or are unable to handle their dogs, I can work with your dogs alone and bring you in when they're ready.
 One Time WeeklyUp to Three Times Weekly
Thirty Minute Walk$80$80
45 Minute - 1 Hour Walk$160$145


For dogs who are out of control or owners who need extra help. Boarding starts at $140/day and goes up to $200/day depending on the severity of the problem. When boarding, I try to book short work days so I have a great deal of time to work with your dog, and I only work three days a week. Dogs who are boarded will, at the very least, learn the basics: walking nicely, crate training, potty training, and leaving counters and trash alone. Additional problems will be addressed as needed. See this post for additional information.


Once your dog has been assessed, we can discuss whether or not drop-in classes would be helpful. Dogs Downtown is $20/class, and we practice good manners walking through downtown Los Gatos. There are dog park and recall classes as well, with varying rates. There are details and schedules on my blog.


If you have something you’d like to address but cannot afford training, you’re welcome to call or email; I do trade. I assume that any services offered in trade start at $35/hour, and go up depending on local prices. I happily trade for yard work, house work, cooking, and various odd jobs such as dog walking (mine) and indexing. Note that I live in Martinez and commute for work, so cooking is the easiest (and most bang for your buck) thing to do.