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My family is amazed at what you were able to accomplish with one visit with Marley. I cannot believe that we tolerated her behavior for four years- to be honest I did not think anything could be done to curb her barking and her aggression. She no longer barks while chasing the squirrels in the backyard!!And rather than rushing and attacking our visitors we have got her down to a bark or two! Absolutely incredible- cannot thank you enough.

Debbie and Marley

I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for my family and our dog, Darcy. Darcy and I had the best walk, ever, this morning. I started the walk “faking” being relaxed and ended it actually relaxed and fully enjoying it. And, thanks to you, I could tell that Darcy felt the same :-). I now feel empowered to walk her to places I would have shied away from before, to finally accomplish the dog/cat introductions, and to get to work on her dog socialization.

We are looking forward to your next visit!

Thank you!!!

Michelle and Darcy
Hi Jenna,

Just thought I would drop you a line and let you know that Zilla went to the Vet today and she gave him rave reviews on his behavior. On our previous visit he tried to bite her, and was like vicious boy. She was shocked and congratulated us on his turn around. So Thank you so much Jenna he truly is a success story.

Teresa and Zilla
Hi Jenna,

As a side note, I forgot to tell you that not only was your presentation in Hammack’s bio class SO informative and fun, it was also such a treat to watch a gifted teacher practicing her craft. You are so clear and so patient, and those are hard things to come by. As one teacher to another, I give you big props!!

-Paris, of Buna and Cali
Hi, Jenna,

Leah and I went to Morro Bay State Park for an RV gathering last week; 35 rigs, 65 or more people, and an assortment of dogs and cats! Leah reveled in the social stuff and all the attention (“Oh, she’s so sweet, and so well-behaved, and so pretty…”) and she was was a star! She sat for pets, behaved off-leash (with one break when she spied a covey of quail and developed immediate deafness and sludge-brain), and was overall very obedient. She got lots of “good girls”, for sure!

As I mentioned, there were dogs and cats (some cats on leashes) along with several of the people; one couple had a female Vizsla who was not ready for prime time. I know that the breed can be hyper, but this girl had bigtime ADHD! She kept leaping on and off the picnic table, racing around, and shoving a piece of gummy, dog spit-covered wood into the various laps of a bunch of us were sitting around in a circle of chairs. Leah was off-leash, but she sat right next to my chair and kept cutting me looks that clearly said, “How come that dog is getting away with that BS!?” She showed no interest in joining crazy dog’s activities (thankfully), and seemed to “get” that the dog’s behavior wasn’t acceptable. Leah’s behavior is far from perfect, but she has learned very well how to read “cues” as to what’s OK and what’s not.

So, Leah and I say thanks again for helping us not to be pariahs who are unwelcome at gatherings; we’re very appreciative! 😉

Joan and Leah
Hi Jenna,

I am feeling more confident every day, it’s so incredible. We’ve had a few wonderful experiences I wanted to share with you.

I went walking w/my friend & her female dog (we’ve walked together before and Rudy likes this dog). Her female dog snarled at Rudy and he just ‘backed-off” I was amazed. When we continued walking there were a few dogs off leash, I practiced the techniques you showed me and I said to Rudy “move forward” and he did – he snapped out of it. There was only one time where I had to walk into him and turn him around and go back and that was it. He kept moving forward as did I.

My husband took him out and he saw another dog and said “with me, with me” and Rudy kept moving foward and didn’t look at the other dog!!! We are both so excited…I’ve been taking Grace on 15 min runs with the bike and she leaves the house galloping (like a horse) and comes home exhausted! Such great techniques!

I cannot thank you enough for being a calm pack leader and showing me that it’s possible for me to do that as well.

Thanks again Jenna

Tracy, of Rudy and Grace
Jenna knows dogs – She’s the leader of the pack!

As a local dog walker I run into may different types of dogs with different behavioral issues. From a shy Irish Wolf Hound to an exuberant Labrador Retrievers – Jenna always gives me the simple, concise solution to whatever issues I am dealing with.

She’s straight to the point, consistent, firm and caring all at the same time.

-Bill Brobst
Hi Jenna,

Thank you for coming to our home and working with us yesterday!!!! I am so impressed with your knowledge and abilities- WOW!!!!! Starsky is already doing much better….actually he is pooped out and too tired to be naughty LOL !

I feel so relieved to have found you!!!

Kindest Regards,
Janise Burford
Amore Pet Sitting Services (You can find a link to Amore PSS on my blog! – Jenna)
Hi Jenna,

Jenna helped me greatly with my now 4 and ½ year old adopted shepherd mix, Katie. She came to me at 1 year old having had an abusive owner. She suddenly went from a playful, friendly dog to an aggressive dog that attacks anything in site when she turned 18 months. I spent a lot of money on lessons, classes, private trainers, different collars including an electric collar and was ready to give up when someone introduced me to Jenna. On our first meeting, Jenna commands respect from Katie without raising her voice.

After just a few sessions with Jenna, Katie became a much more obedient and controllable dog. Jenna has great insights into dog behavior and human behavior that can aggravate their dog’s bad behavior. We still see Jenna a couple of times a month for tune up lessons. I have seen her change many “terrors” into obedient dogs. I am very greatful to Jenna.

Trang, of Katie and Felix